A nationally acclaimed fitness expert, and founder of The Fit Company LLC is currently launching a leading edge fitness company to a highly diverse and widespread client base. His name is Juris Kupris. Not only does he have over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, but has also worked with a number of fitness arenas. He is known for his comprehensive approach to training and coaching. He has received notable recognition regarding his style of personal training. He works with customizing a plan in order to match the needs and wants of his clients. He uses traditional and alternative therapies in order to achieve full knowledge of the client.


As the New York Times quotes, Kupris is New York’s “most sought after trainer.” He has been invited to the Today Show, Fox 5 News, as well as being published in numerous national publications including Men’s Health, New York Post, and New York Magazine, because of his expertise. Cardiovascular, self, strength, core stabilization and flexibility are all elements that Kupris combines in order to create a program where equipment is not needed. With the variety of clients he gets, Kupris has been extremely successful and was able to use his creative methods to achieve phenomenal results.


Kupris has been intertwined with all types of fitness since he’s been a toddler. He was always interested in go karting as a kid, which blossomed into his victorious career in NASCAR’s Pro Four Modified series. Not only has he won a sum of 80 races in only 7 years, but was the youngest driver to win three different NASCAR tracks. Kupris embraced the power of discipline and physical fitness to stay in top shape for racing. He experimented with a number of aspects to create the best possible routine to be successful. Once he retired, he searched for a different outlet for his passion: cycling, triathlons and from racomg Ironman.


Kupris has received certification by the American Council on Exercise, also known as the ACE, as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He has been awarded with certifications and accreditations such as Muscular Energy Evaluation Technique, Flexibility Training, and Pregnant and Post-partum Client Training.


Flexibility in time and place are always beneficial. The Fit Company can help you train anywhere from the park and gym to your office and even your home. It is available to you from New York City to the Hamptons, anywhere you please! Fit Company also focuses on clients worldwide. Our expertise includes weight loss or gain, body toning, shaping, strength and flexibility training, postural correction, plyometric training, pre and postnatal instruction and endurance training.